Fighting Post-Holiday Blues

Fighting Post-Holiday Blues


Coachella Valley Region

The highs of the holidays are over and for many this is a tough time when emotions begin to surface.

"A lot of us are feeling sad, lonely, scared hurt," says Candice Cameron, who can relate to the post-holiday blues.

Psychologist Dan Watson, who specializes in depression, says there are a lot of reasons for this, but some of the most common contributors include: Christmas bills, people miss their loved ones, or they’re coming face to face with New Year’s resolutions. 

"People have that expectation that they will quickly change that habit … that they’ll suddenly change their life in a very short time and of course they’re going to be disappointed over that because it takes time to do almost everything in life," says Watson.

Dr. Watson says combating the blues can be done by practicing simple tasks like:

– Instead of focusing on negative thoughts, appreciate the little things like a nice walk or a beautiful sunset.

– Rather than dwelling on what you don’t have, volunteer and help someone in need. 

– Express gratitude

And Dr. Watson says smiling goes a long way, "Smile a lot because when we smile what happens is our body react to the muscular changes and then make us feel better in fact."

Also, it’s important to get help when you’ve been sad of hopeless for a long time and it begins to affect other areas of your life.  

"One area will be your social life, one area would be your economic life … when three or four areas of your life are heavily impacted then we know you need help," says Watson.

And one of the keys to getting through the blues is knowing that it’s only temporary and there’s always hope.

"You’re not alone … things do lighten up a bit, we just have to have that faith and believe that we can continue the fight that we’re all fighting," says Cameron.