Pros Aren’t The Only Ones Competing At CareerBuilder

Pros Aren’t The Only Ones Competing At CareerBuilder


Today the CareerBuilder Challenge announced ambassador Phil Mickelson will indeed play in the tournament this week. And while that’s great news to boost an impressive players field, the pros aren’t the only ones on the courses battling for some money. 

There’s 156 PGA Tour players playing at the CareerBuilder Challenge. But they aren’t the only ones competing. 

"I met my competitor this morning who’s a few votes a head of me right now," says CareerBuilder Challenge volunteer Dotty Metcalf. "I’m hoping to pass him by having people vote for me… Sandy’s Mom on" 

Metcalf has volunteered for years as a marshal. But this is the first year she’s known as "Sammy’s Mom" as she’s known for the PGA Tour’s Volunteer Challenge. 

The concept is simple. Volunteer stump for votes. The volunteer who earns the most online votes, also earns a $10,000 dollar check for their local charity of choice. 

"I’m really excited about being able to support the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission," says Metcalf

But as Metcalf found, few spectators are aware of this playing field. 

"I was explaining this to someone and they said we don’t know any thing about that," says Metcalf. "I explained Desert Classic Charities, how it works, what my charity is, and they were like ‘Wow, we have no idea’. For 57 years, they had no idea. It’s been really exciting to share that with people that this is truly a charity event." 

Mary Beth Hunt, the Volunteer Challenge Chair, says while each volunteer is particularly passionate about their chosen charity, there’s a total of 40 that benefit from the CareerBuilder Challenge. 

"We have 40 charities that we’re supporting and I know Dotty has her favorite that she supports, but there’s 39 others out there," says Hunt. "And anyone can vote for any of the 40 charities…" 

All 40 charities supported by the CareerBuilder Challenge are now, local. You can get more information on those charities and vote for your volunteer of choice by going to