Obama Arrives In Rancho Mirage

Obama Arrives In Rancho Mirage


Rancho Mirage, CA

It took a little longer than expected but former president Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama finally made it the Coachella Valley. Dozens of people waited in the rain for hours just so they could say they were there when the Obama’s made history in the desert.

Obama wasn’t exactly greeted by sunshine. Executive One, the plane that carried the 44th president, made four attempts at landing in Palm Springs without success.

"A little bit late but we’ve been here since three o’clock waiting for him," said Coachella resident Lupe Cortez 

"I have a huge respect for president Obama. He was a great guy," said visitor Jan Vesely.

"He was really inspiring. I was a republican before his administration," said Los Angeles resident Barton Reavis

Earlier in the day, people began lining up hours before his arrival with hopes of catching a single glimpse.

"I was compelled to be with the Obamas in Washington eight years ago. And I just wanted to be here for them now," said San Diego resident Susan Low.

After finally landing at March Air Force Base the Obamas made their way to Rancho Mirage.

"After a day like today it was extremely gratifying to see him and to see that he saw us. It makes us feel really good knowing that he knows that we appreciate everything he did for us. So it felt really good," said Palm Desert resident Sofie Baez.

"So amazing that he is here in the Coachella Valley. I’m so proud," said Palm Desert resident Caitlin Young.

"Thank you for serving this country and hopefully the next four years we will see good change," said Indio resident Fletcher DeMeulenaere.