Weekend Rain Extends Road Closures, Intensifies Traffic

Weekend Rain Extends Road Closures, Intensifies Traffic


Coachella Valley Region

For the second consecutive weekend, a winter storm got the better of Coachella Valley roads. Main arteries throughout the valley are closed and drivers had to deal with the consequences.

Just getting to the desert turned into a real challenge.

"Driving through the storm. A lot of accidents on the road so it was very slow, had to be very cautious. Drive slow, make it home safe," said Bermuda Dunes resident  Adrian Zepeda.

The rain waters closed Indian Canyon Drive, Gene Autry Trail, Vista Chino, Cathedral Canyon Drive and Frank Sinatra Drive. In La Quinta, a closure on Dune Palms Road made it difficult for parents to get their kids to school.

"Crazy at Adams. It took us a very long time. And people really don’t know how to drive," said parent Damaris Lizarraga.

"Little traffic jam. Everybody pulling in and stopping and dropping off their kids," Zepeda said.

Traffic overflow from the closures in Palm Springs ended up on other streets like Ramon where traffic was backed up for several blocks as drivers tried to make their way around the flooding.

"We did have to go to Yucca Valley the other day and that was kind of tough. But there’s a way to get around it," said Palm Springs resident Denise Blotter.

Even after the storm passes, flooded roads won’t reopen until the streets are cleaned up.

"Well I’m from Vancouver, Canada. I think I’m almost back in Vancouver. This is crazy. I didn’t pay to fly down here to watch this rain. But, it’s kind of neat," said La Quinta resident Garry Cassidy.