Locals Respond to Refugee Controversy

Locals Respond to Refugee Controversy


Coachella Valley Region

 Oh, it is kinda hard, you know, when you wear the Hijab and you go out.  They look at you like: " oh my god- she’s a terrorist; " that’s how I feel, said one member of the Islamic Society of Coachella Valley on Saturday.

Members of the mosque did not feel comfortable speaking on camera but told KMIR News that many members of the community are refugees themselves and they now fear their family members in the legal process of coming to America will no longer be welcome.

The executive orders by President Trump suspend visas to numerous predominately Muslim countries along with banning refugees from Syria. 

"We want to ensure that we are not admitting to our country the very threat our soldiers are fighting overseas, " said President Donald Trump.  
One local Muslim woman sees it differently.

"Like if one Muslim makes a mistake, it doesn’t mean every Muslim in the world is like that" she said. "These are innocent families with children just trying to make a living; they need help. Don’t judge Islam by what you think it is. Islam means peace."

 President Trump campaigned on this issue, calling it extreme vetting, while civil rights groups are calling the policy discriminatory.