Car Crashes Into Downtown Palm Springs Storefront

Car Crashes Into Downtown Palm Springs Storefront



A car crashes into the front window of a storefront in downtown Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Police responded to call around 12 noon on Sunday.

They say a two car in the streets sent a Chrysler into the front window display of Trina Turk, shattering the glass. 

Witnesses tell KMIR News the Chrysler and Prius crashed in the street, sending the Chrysler onto the sidewalk and rolling into a large window of the business.

According to Palm Springs Police, alcohol or drugs are not a suspected factor in the crash. They do not believe underlying medical conditions could have contributed to the incident. 

No one was injured or arrested.

The store’s manager tells KMIR News it all happened in "slow motion."

"We were watching it and we thought ‘oh what a horrible accident on the side of the road’ and it slowly started moving toward the store," said Megan Waldbillig. "So then we all started running away from the window."

The business has remained open despite the broken window. Waldbillig told KMIR News the window will be boarded up and the staff expects to keep normal business hours.