County Grabs 50 Dogs in North Shore Sweep

County Grabs 50 Dogs in North Shore Sweep



Riverside County Animal Services staged another crackdown, rounding up dogs left to roam loose in the North Shore area by the Salton Sea.

A year and a half ago, a man was killed by two dogs on the loose in North Shore.
Since then, there have been several sweeps and last month, 19 citations given to pet owners in the area.

"We’re always left shaking our heads like, why wouldn’t you come for this wiener dog?" said John Welsh with Riverside County Animal Services.

In January, 50 dogs were picked up in two sweeps in the North Shore area.

"We’ve had a long history of roaming dogs in the North Shore."

In September 2015, a man was killed, and a woman hurt after they were attacked by two dogs on the loose in North Shore.
After that, animal services did several sweeps for stray animals.

"A dog bite that leads to a fatality is quite unusual, and when it does happen, it is terrible so our role is to go out and make sure we do everything we can to collect these animals that just allowed to roam freely," said Welsh.

Most of the dogs gathered this January are small dogs…The guess is that about half their owners will show up for them.

"Any time an animal comes here there is always the fear, the danger that an animal might be euthanized, that’s just a reality, the good news is that dogs are doing so well in our county shelters, countywide. 85% of our dogs are being adopted, or sent to rescue groups, or being re-homed."

The county says they are working to make those neighborhoods safe by doing these sweeps for stray dogs.

"We recognize that you can’t just do all these sweeps and be sort of like the hard end of the law, you have to offer solutions to pet owners," said Welsh.

They are also offering free spay and neuter services for animals in the Mecca and North Shore area at a mobile clinic February 25th at the Mecca Community Center.

Later this month, many of these dogs will be taken to the county fair in Indio for an adoption event.