Relentless Indio Burglar Strikes Again

Relentless Indio Burglar Strikes Again


Indio, CA

Shop owners say a string of burglaries at an Indio shopping center over the past few days looks like the work of a burglar who has done the same thing several times. Now they are wondering why he hasn’t been arrested.

On Wednesday a burglar busted into a hair salon, a Pentecostal church and a tax office . On Thursday, it happened again. 

"The perpetrator tunneled between connecting suites. The first one was two suites and then yesterday was three suites," said Sgt. Dan Marshall with the Indio Police Department.  

But this isn’t the first time this sort of burglary has happened to businesses in this Indio shopping center.

"This is the sixth time that it happened to our salon and we’re getting tired of people coming in and stealing our stuff," said hairstylist Francisco Contreras.

During this past string of burglaries, the burglar got away with cash, a surveillance camera and a computer. But it’s the way the burglar broke in to the businesses that seems all too familiar.

"Every time we have an incident it’s usually cutting holes though the roof going down in, he knows exactly where to go in and he takes DVD’s, DVR’s, cameras. Stuff like that. His M.O. is he breaks through doors or windows and he knows exactly where to go," said property manager John Tate.

Indio police are trying to determine if the burglar from the latest set of break-in’s is the same one who has hit this shopping center in the past.

"There are specific M-O’s to that. You know, rooftop burglars like to come in off roof tops, people that tunnel like to tunnel, and that’s what they do, so that’s where are criminalist is analyzing all those burglaries," said Marshall.