Community Upset Over Child Hurt at Playground

Community Upset Over Child Hurt at Playground


Indio, CA

Orange cones and caution tape block a small area near the playground at South Jackson Soccer Park in Indio. That’s where the Cal Fire Department responded to a call on Friday evening of a child suffering burns.

Jesse Diaz says he was at the Boys and Girls Club right next to the park when help arrived, "I walked out of the gym, I was closing up around 7 o’clock and I saw an ambulance and the fire department truck right here, I saw them lifting a kid into the back of an ambulance."

Indio Police says the child suffered electric shock from a light pole, but it’s unclear how. Cal Fire said in a press release the child was airlifted to the hospital with moderate burn injuries.

Diaz says at first he thought the child had a sports injury and was taken aback when he found out how the child was hurt, "Surprising, like how can somebody get shocked at a park like that you know but yeah it was surprising to me, never seen anything like that before."

A mom who lives nearby says she saw the aftermath, "Scary because how many babies are crawling on the grass, how many parents think that this playground is going to be safe enough for their children to play on and this is the way they have it roped off too, how are we safe here?"

We reached out to Imperial Irrigation District who was called to fix the issue and the city to find out what went wrong. We got no response. 

But the Indio mom says she has a message for them, "They should have someone be responsible enough to come out and make sure that these parks are safe for our children."

The age and condition of the child was not released.