Survey Finds More Super Bowl Viewers Will Go Out This Year

Survey Finds More Super Bowl Viewers Will Go Out This Year



With about one third of all Americans projected to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, a National Retail Federation survey found more than half will be watching someplace other than their home. 

"More people are actually planning to attend a house party for Super Bowl or visit their local bar," said Ana Serafin-Smith with the National Retail Federation.

The survey found that one of the reasons why overall Super Bowl spending will be down this year is because fewer people are buying TV sets. But the average viewer will still dish out about $75 dollars a piece to take in the big game.

"Definitely on food and decorations as well as apparel," said Serafin-Smith.

In Palm Springs, Super Bowl fans we’re out hours before the game to get a spot in their favorite local bar. 

"It’s a party. You don’t want to stay at home by yourself. You want to enjoy the game with everyone else," said Village Pub patron Tanjer Gillard.

"Well we’re visiting so we wanted to go where there is people, so we wanted to see where the action is so where are downtown where the action is," said Village Pub patron Russ Polsom.

Bars and pubs in Palm Springs are rolling out some goodies to get the crowds to watch the game with them.  

"At Zelda’s we have an eighteen foot high definition LED wall, we have Majestic Tacos coming in to cater our event. It’s going to be one hell of a show," said David Mariner, general manager of Zelda’s Nightclub.

"Starting at one o’clock we have a complimentary buffet, hamburgers and hot dogs," said Troy Hay, manager of Hunter’s Nightclub

"We got a little potluck Sunday going on, everyone is kind of bringing in a dish. You’re more than welcome to come down and watch the game. We’ll have it going on all day long," said Kelly Slade, bartender at Hair Of The Dog.