City of Indio Checking Parks after Toddler Gets Shocked

City of Indio Checking Parks after Toddler Gets Shocked


Indio, CA

The City of Indio is investigating what caused a 2-year-old girl to get shocked by a light pole at South Jackson Park. It happened on Friday night. 

"A young child made electrical contact with one of the junction boxes on one of our light poles and unfortunately the child was injured and was airlifted to a medical facility in Colton to be checked out," says PJ Gagajena with the city adding that the toddler touched a metal plate the child touched at the bottom of the pole was positively charged.

Gagajena says while it’s early in the investigation they have a good idea what caused it to be charged, "We suspect that somehow one of the wires got stripped in its installation and that’s the reason why there was electrical current on the junction box itself." 

Gagajena says the park was the recent target of copper thieves and that could have played a role, "We have experienced copper theft throughout the city … it’s possible that the face plate could have been tampered with." 

The city says they do weekly inspections and maintenance but right now they are checking every electrical outlet and light at the city’s 12 parks and other facilities and in addition to that from now on the inspections will include checks on lights and outlets.

The city says the child suffered minor surface burns, she’s all healed and she will be released from the hospital soon.

"We’re hoping that they have a full recovery obviously and we’re praying for her safety," says Gagajena.