Meet The Local Man Who Styles Super Bowl Stars

Meet The Local Man Who Styles Super Bowl Stars


Palm Desert, CA

Super Bowl 51 will go down as one of the most remarkable games in NFL history. 

The New England Patriots used the first overtime in Super Bowl history to mount one of the most exciting and historic comebacks ever. And with their 5th ring, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have won more championships than all but 3 NFL franchises.

But on the receiving end of the Pats’ breathtaking win, a crushing loss for that Atlanta Falcons. And one local man has a unique connection to both teams.

Meet Randy Willard, stylist and clothier to Super Bowl stars.

"I’ve had the opportunity to make clothing for all shapes and sizes," says Willard in a one-on-one with KMIR Sports. "Some of them, I’m not sure if they’re shapes or sizes, they’re just enormous people," he says with a laugh, before adding, "And then business men as well." 

Based on El Paseo in Palm Desert, Willard, creates custom wardrobes for his clients. His business is called "The Man Makes The Suit" and this man does make the suits, who he makes them for is also impressive. Such as Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn wore Willard’s custom outfit arriving in Houston for Super Bowl 51. 

On the other side of the NFL’s championship game: New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels, also a Willard client, former NBA star Grant Hill, Timothy Bradley Jr, UCLA’s head football coach Jim Mora, and country music mega star Darius Rucker and many more.

"I like to come in and get to know who they are, what drives their personality," says Willard. "Take a look at what’s in their closet… It helps me develop a plan to get more out of their look than they’ve probably ever experienced."

And the language an NFL coach encounters while discussing fashion with Willard is also something they’ve likely never experiences

"They get kind of quiet and they are quick to point out they may not want to show me what they’re used to wearing," says Willard. "One thing I’ve experienced with working with athletes and coaches is I have to tell my clients, you have to be willing to let go a little bit …You’ll have more fun with your clothing than you’ve ever had in your life and you’re going to be the difference maker… And that’s the same message they’re sending to their players that you have to trust the people around you."

And while other may not be deplaning into NFL history like some of Willard’s clients, he still has some key points of advice. 

"First of all, don’t be afraid of fashion," Willard says. "You’ll figure out what looks good…The other thing is don’t try to hard… Keep it within your zone… Accent in the right ways in the right places." 

Willard said he was rooting for the Falcons, as he says Quinn is "such a great guy" but he acknowledged smart people don’t bet against Brady and Belichick as was evident in the 4th quarter.