Coachella Plans for Pot Cash Flow

Coachella Plans for Pot Cash Flow


Coachella, CA

The city of Coachella is cashing in on the newly legal crop of recreational pot approved by voters.

Their general budget is $22 million dollars a year a 15 percent increase is a big deal, and just a start.

Once all the projects are done, Mayor Steven Hernandez tells me it could double the city coffers.

There are some stretches of bumpy road, but Coachella Mayor Hernandez sees smooth sailing ahead thanks to the marijuana boom.

"We’re on Avenue 48, heading to Van Buren Street, we’re already moving here to upgrade this whole avenue."
The mayor took me for a ride-a-long to where he hopes to see the pot tax money go.

One of our stops was Rancho Las Flores Park.
"One of the goals that we have in the city of Coachella is be the city with the most park acreage per resident," said Hernandez.

That green space is important for a young city where the median age is 26.
That’s takes us to our next stop, downtown.

"We know if we can create these restaurants and bar crawls, overlay that with free wifi in this area, and then attract a lot of folks and bring in music and art," said Mayor Hernandez.

So what do people think about these big marijuana facilities moving into town?

"We shouldn’t really be afraid of it, it’s regulated now" said Coachella resident, Jesus Aragon.

"I have my rec and it don’t matter no more, it just matters that I can go to a dispensaries and stuff," said Bombay Beach resident, Erik Johnsen.

Residents have some ideas where the money should go.

"There’s many roads that are pretty jacked up out here, but me personally I’d like to see more music into schools," said Aragon.

"It would help for the parks and the streets and more activities for our kids," said Coachella resident, Adriana.

The city of Coachella is growing, and Mayor Hernandez says that means they need more officers.
"We want to continue to grow our public safety in the city of Coachella."

The downtown area of Coachella is already growing with the opening of Veterans Park, and they’re breaking ground on a library next month.

Of course, city council will now have to iron out where the new cash flow, will go.