Water District Employees Helping Customers in Need

Water District Employees Helping Customers in Need


Palm Desert, CA

Coachella Valley Water District employees think about water all the time, it’s their job. 

"If you work at the water district conservation is always on your mind," says Heather Engel, Director of Communications and Conservation at CVWD. 

And while most of us forget just how important a role water plays in our daily lives, CVWD employees know how much water the average person uses everyday.

"The industry standard is 50 gallons per person per indoor use per day," says Engel.

But there are some who can’t afford this basic necessity, CVWD employees are aware of this too.

"We hear stories sometimes that are just heartbreaking and I think anybody who works in customer service hears these stories sometimes and you just want to help," says Engel.

By law water districts cannot  use public money to pay for customer bills but Engel says that didn’t stop a few CVWD clever employees from coming up with a way to help, "The beginning of this year launched a new program called ‘Help 2 Others’ and this program is geared toward helping our low income customers with their water bills it offers a $50 credit over a 12 month period," adding that it’s funded by employees donating out of their paychecks and managed by United Way of the Desert, "Employees can donate directly to this program and in fact anyone can donate to this program through United Way of the Desert."

She says it makes them them proud to know they’re helping their neighbors, "For people to step up and give money to this program because they want to help the customers they want to do their part for the community it feels good to work here." 

For information: Help2Others

Or customers can call United Way of the Desert at (760) 323-2731, ext.23 to apply.