State Recognizes RUHS Medical Center For Reducing C-Sections

State Recognizes RUHS Medical Center For Reducing C-Sections


MORENO VALLEY, Ca. – A public-private partnership that supports safe and accessible healthcare has recognized RUHS Medical Center’s success in reducing Caesarian Sections in first-time moms with low-risk pregnancies.

Smart Care California members include the California Department of Health Care Services, Covered California and the California Public Employees Retirement System. Together the partners purchase or manage the healthcare of 16 million Californians.

The organization this week recognized maternity hospitals in California with C-section rates of 23.9 percent or lower in first-time deliveries. RUHS Medical Center reduced its rate from 21 to 19.3 percent. Fewer than half of California’s 244 maternity hospitals met the goals established by Smart Care.

RUHS is “delivering safer and more affordable care for Californians,” said Diana Dooley, secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency.

Nationally, C-sections represent nearly 32 percent of all births each year. Many arise from complications during labor, while others are carried out on an elective basis.

“C-sections in first-time deliveries frequently lead to repeat C-sections,” said Mary Virgen, an assistant chief nursing officer who oversees Labor & Delivery at the Moreno Valley-based medical center. “The more C-sections a woman has, the more likely she is to experience complications down the road.”

Virgen said the Smart Care award recognizes her organization’s focus on best practices for new mom and her baby.

State“We are doing our very best to put mom and baby on a healthy path forward right from the beginning,” Virgen said. “Avoiding major surgery – unless it is required – is a part of that effort.”