Concerned Viewer Gets Park Hazard Fixed

Concerned Viewer Gets Park Hazard Fixed


Palm Desert, CA

Bill Head says he grew worried after he watched a KMIR News story about a toddler who was shocked by touching a light pole at a park in Indio.

He says it made him think about a dangerous light pole he saw at University Park in Palm Desert, "A young child got hurt in Indio so that always peaks your attention and it was relative to an electrocution hazard … and I happen to notice right down here a similar hazard, wires sticking out of the pipe here," adding that he couldn’t believe the plate was still missing exposing electrical wires since his last visit to the desert, a year ago, "especially where kids are involved and there’s kids playing basketball everyday, kids in the play structure everyday … I thought it would have been an urgent matter."

A mom from Bermuda Dunes, who was playing with her two children at University Park says she surprised a problem would not be addressed promptly at a park where children play, "If it was like that for a year, I’m shocked, I’ve never seen anything that long go."

We reached out to the City of Palm Desert. They were not available for an on camera interview, but tell us they’ve been having trouble keeping up with copper thieves. In fact they say this park was hit twice in one week and it was just a coincidence Head visited the park after thieves struck the same pole a year later. They say an inspector visits parks once a week.

Still Head says everyone needs to be more vigilant to protect children, "Kids are our most precious resource and … you want to keep them as safe as you absolutely can so I think you have to go beyond the standard to make sure that happens."