2016 Palm Desert COPS Presidential Volunteer Service Awards

2016 Palm Desert COPS Presidential Volunteer Service Awards


Palm Desert, CA. – On February 14th, at 9am, City Hall with host the 2016 Palm Desert COPS Presidential Volunteer Service Award ceremony. The Palm Desert’s Citizens on Patrol (COPS), is a group of citizen volunteers that serve as the eyes and ears of the City and the Palm Desert Police Department.

COPS volunteers conduct non-confrontational patrols of the city reporting potential problems and suspicious activities to the police department. They may provide traffic control for special events and assist the police department when needed with traffic accidents, DUI checkpoints, and programs such as "Click It or Ticket". They are however not allowed to stop vehicles, issue citations, or carry weapons. 

The awards are broken down into two categories, gold and silver. The gold award is presented to those who volunteer 500+ hours from January 1st to December 31st in 2016. The silver awards is presented to those who volunteer 250+ hours in that same time frame. 

There were 9 members who earned their GOLD Presidential award, while 7 earned their SILVER Presidential award.

The GOLD Award members and their hours are as follows:
SGT Dan Oliver – (1636) 
LT Mary Lasorsa (1629)
SGT Jeff Alley  (1030)
SGT Dave MacFarlane (844)
CPT Saul Roisentul (816)
SGT Gerard Romanet (795)
Hal Kahan (647)
Steve Miller (639)
Lynn Bell (530)

The SILVER Award members and their hours:
SGT Stan Thomas (413)
Jaime Acevedo (379)
Earle Wolfe (374)
Renee Standhardt (362)
Gary Weinberger (339)
Dennis Mulkey (305)
Mike Andelson (290)

The COPS program is open to anyone over age 18 with a valid driver’s license who can dedicate a minimum of 20 hours per month to the program. All applicants are screened by the police department and are required to complete training programs sponsored by the city revolved around health and safety.