COD Scholarship Recipients Meet Their Donors

COD Scholarship Recipients Meet Their Donors


PALM DESERT, CA—Dozens of scholarship students will meet some of their donors at the College of the Desert Foundation’s sixth annual Donor Scholarship Reception on Wednesday, Feb. 15. 

The event provides the students an opportunity to meet and thank their donors, who give the Foundation thousands of dollars annually to help students with financial obstacles such as tuition, books, childcare and transportation, depending on the need. The reception also enables the donors to meet the students.

“It’s without a doubt the most moving event we have on campus,” said Peter K. Sturgeon, the Foundation’s Interim Executive Director.

The College of the Desert Foundation awards about 650 students a total of $620,000 annually. The students apply for the scholarships and are studying various disciplines on campus. 

About 250 scholarship students and 30-40 donors will attend the Feb. 15 event. The speakers will include three students and two donors.

The event will be held from 4 to 6 p.m. in the gymnasium at the College of the Desert’s main campus at 43-500 Monterey Ave. in Palm Desert. 

For more information, please call the Foundation at 760.773.2561 or email Peter Sturgeon at