A Day Without Immigrants Movement

A Day Without Immigrants Movement


Palm Springs, CA

February 16th, Appetito Bar and Eatery is proud to announce its participation in the nationwide "A Day Without Immigrants" movement.

The popular Palm Springs Cal-Italian Deli has closed for lunch and dinner service in support of the protest. 

"Our staff chose to participate in the Day Without Immigrants movement," Appetito owner Patrick Service announced. "We chose to stand with them and close our restaurant today in solidarity. I’m proud of their decision to be a part of the political process and to stand up for what they believe in."

A Day Without Immigrants is a boycott and strike intended to shine a spotlight on the contributions of American immigrants to nation economy and culture. It was launched in the wake of President Trump’s immigration policy: plans for a wall along the Mexican border, and his now-paused travel ban, for example. The nationwide event saw participation from high-profile chefs including Jose Andres, in Washington, D.C., and Rick Bayless in Chicago.