Palm Springs Residents Look To Future After Corruption Charges Against Former Mayor

Palm Springs Residents Look To Future After Corruption Charges Against Former Mayor



After District Attorney Mike Hestrin announced he will pursue charges against former Palm Springs mayor Stephen Pougnet and two city developers, residents in Palm Springs are speaking out.

Palm Springs locals say they hope the district attorney’s announcement will bring some closure to the city.  

"I hope that it’s done as quickly as possible and as fairly as possible and I hope everyone is truthful so that we can feel good about whatever decision is made," said Palm Springs resident Jennifer Hudson.

After two years of wondering, residents say they are glad justice will finally be served.

"I’m hoping he gets him. I’m tired of all the wheeling and dealing. I’m tired of it," said Palm Springs resident John Krall.

There are still some lingering questions though. Residents wonder what will happen to the Wessman developments in downtown Palm Springs. 

"I just hope that we’re able to move forward quickly and not just see a stalled city. There are too many projects that have been stalled in the city. New hotels and things and I just hope we can move forward in a healthy way," said Tom Lathrop.

City officials insist the unfinished developments are a top priority. 

"Everyone needs to understand what the implications are in terms of the projects that we’re doing and we want to make sure that the projects get completed, it’s an important project for the entire community and that’s our goal," said Palm Springs City Manager David Ready. 

Some residents still remember the raid and were waiting for the announcement that criminal charges would be filed against the former mayor.

"I’m not surprised. We all felt like something was coming after the whole big shake-up," said Lathrop.