Coach’s Son Finds Unique Way To Contribute To RMHS Success

Coach’s Son Finds Unique Way To Contribute To RMHS Success


Rancho Mirage, CA

Tonight, the Rancho Mirage Rattlers play at Santa Fe in the 2nd round of the CIF Playoffs. A win offers head coach Rob Hanmer and his seniors, their 100th victory against only 17 losses over 4 years. In fact, they’ve lost only 4 games the past 2 years, going 56-4.

That kind of success is the result of tireless dedication from the coach, his staff and the coach’s family but luckily for the Hanmers, their son Will, discovered his own unique passion and it’s helping his dad’s squad.

"Every night pretty much we’d discuss how his team is doing and how his kids are playing," Will Hanmer tells KMIR Sports. "So it’s pretty based around my dad’s sports life I guess, including my mom’s life too…" 

As the son of a successful high school basketball coach Will Hanmer shares in his father’s the hectic schedule, rigorous commitment and more and he says at times, he was frustrated with his father’s profession. 

"Yeah, there’s been a couple times, I wouldn’t see him that much because he was so busy," Hanmer reflects. "But once I started realizing he was actually a pretty good coach and his teams do pretty well I started going to them and I actually enjoyed it." 

He enjoyed it so much, he started hanging around the team more and discovered his own passion. "I don’t play any sports but I know a lot about sports and it’s fun for me to watch videos and make videos. "

Despite being a sophomore at Palm Desert High School, Will makes highlight videos for the Rancho Mirage and more. "I think it just gets a lot of people out there to realize how good Rancho Mirage is at basketball," he says.  

And thanks to the numerous online high school sports websites, it’s more than just a passion. It’s an income.

Will says he sold one of his videos of the Rancho Mirage Holiday Classic to "They actually bought my video from me. Its up to like 200,000 views on YouTube."

Will says his father’s passion for coaching and his passion for videography makes a great combination.
"Yeah they definitely collide, and make something really cool," he says with a smile. 

Coach Hanmer agrees. "I think as a parent, you just want your son to find something they enjoy doing," Coach Hanmer says.

And Will says he knows what he’s likely to enjoy in the future. 
"Sports journalism, writing for a news paper… something like that."