Here’s a Local School to Watch

Here’s a Local School to Watch


Desert Hot Springs, CA

A Desert Hot Springs middle school is being recognized for excellence.

The California League of Schools says they are a school to watch.

Desert Springs Middle School is only the second middle school in the valley to get this recognition.

"It’s really like a family, and a community, we love each other so much and we work hard, and we really try our best," said 8th grade student, Kayley Lillard.
"We’re all like a family. The teachers make us feel comfortable to where we’re all like brothers and sisters and we all get along equally," said 8th grade student, Abigail Irene.

That seems to be the message: family.

The district’s superintendent is moved my the school’s success.

"The adults care about our students, it really is especially in the middle school years, about building that relationship and inspiring them to know all the possibilities that they have" said Superintendent Sandra Lyon with Palm Springs Unified School District.

California League of Schools picked them, and only ten others in the state.
So what does it take to become a school to watch?

"We had to highlight what we were doing to make sure student achievement is first and foremost, the second one is social equity, that we are being responsive to the community, and doing things that are needed to include them in, and the other one is making sure we’re doing what is appropriate for middle school age, because middle schoolers are at a unique age," said Dr. Kiela Snider, the principal of Desert Springs Middle School.

They keep students busy with about 80 percent of students participating in award winning clubs like the Spanish Club Dancers.

So to those getting ready for high school, Kayley says, "I see it as an opportunity to do even great things."

Abigail says to those about to enter middle school, "It’s going to be hard, but don’t give up, there are people here to support you."