Future Guide Dogs In Urgent Need of Puppy Raisers

Future Guide Dogs In Urgent Need of Puppy Raisers


Whitewater, CA

Guide Dogs of the Desert is in urgent need of puppy raisers for more than a dozen puppies. Guide Dog of the Desert provides seeing eye companions for those who are legally blind.

It is hard to believe but them rambunctious puppies grow into guide dogs,like Lara, who is now 6 six-years-old.

Linda Samulski described her relationship with Lara as a sacred bond. 

"The most beautiful marriage because the dogs are so wonderful," said Samulski. "They do so much in mobility and companionship. I started my journey with guide dogs in 1992 when I got my first dog; I’ve had four dogs from this school."

Puppies are ready to spend the next year and a half with a loving puppy raiser to learn obedience skills and be socialized.

"They’re wonderful little balls of energy, said Liz Hilewassing, Canine Development Manager at Guide Dogs of the Desert. "We want to know you have a stable home environment; we want to the puppy to go to work, go to school,experience all those things, go to restaurants."

Guide dogs of the Desert takes care of veterinary bills for puppy raisers who live locally. But, those who live outside of the valley are still great candidates to raise puppies. 

Click here for more information about becoming a puppy raiser or call Hilewassing at 760-422-6088.