Firefighters Rescue 4 Passengers Out Of Suspended Vehicle

Firefighters Rescue 4 Passengers Out Of Suspended Vehicle


Mecca, CA

Cal Fire/Riverside County Firefighters responded to a report of an off-road vehicle with four passengers that required rescue from an overhang that the vehicle became suspended on. All four passengers of the vehicle were rescued by firefighters and were unharmed.

According to the people who were in the jeep, they stayed in the hanging vehicle for about one hour. A tire was off the ground and the driver kept her foot on the brake the entire time in hopes of the vehicle staying up. 

In an interview with Battalion Chief Mark League, firefighters received a call around 1pm in regards to a jeep on a ledge. When they arrived on scene, they located the jeep teetering from a ledge. 

Crews used a rope system to save the Jeep. The driver held her foot on the brake while crews rescued the 3 passengers. They then had the driver release the brake and rescued her as the rope kept the jeep from falling. The rescue took about 3 hours to complete, but there were no injuries from the incident.