Trump’s Plan Has Undocumented Immigrants Preparing for the Worst

Trump’s Plan Has Undocumented Immigrants Preparing for the Worst


Coachella, CA

The Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly signed memos detailing a plan to implement the president’s executive orders on immigration. They call for strict enforcement. According to the memos everyone in violation of immigration law is subject to arrest, detention and removal and those who have committed crimes will be prioritized.

But Mario Lazcano, with Comite Latino, an immigration advocacy group says because the plan also gives broader authority to field agents and law enforcement, interpretation of the law will vary and put all undocumented immigrants at risk, "This administration is giving ICE the power to detain anyone because they’ve expanded the aspect of what is a crime, to put it in simple terms,  it is a crime to be undocumented."

But he goes even further. Lazcano says all immigrants may be affected, "Don’t be surprised if now anything done by an immigrant is a crime … be careful because if a documented immigrant commits a crime, their legal status can be revoked."

He says he meets with people who are living in fear everyday and he already sees less people at local hangouts, "We have returned to the days of hiding because we don’t know if someone is going to turn us in."

He says everyone should have a plan, "Memorize a phone number, don’t rely on your cell phone … and if you’re a parent have a legal guardian who can care for your children."

But he says there is a silver lining to the president’s orders, "I also have to thank Donald Trump,because he woke up our community … and the rally in Palm Desert on President’s Day showed us we have the community’s support," adding that a simple word is helping people overcome their fears, "resiste and in English it’s resist we’re all resisting and we’re learning to organize in difficult moments."  ?