Bernie Sanders Spotted In Palm Springs

Bernie Sanders Spotted In Palm Springs



Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was spotted with his wife at Kalura Trattoria in downtown Palm Springs Tuesday night. 

"He came like at 7:00 o’clock. He left at around 8:30. When he came he was very quiet. He didn’t want anybody to know it was him," said Jose Martin Gutierrez, manager of Kalura Trattoria. 

Restaurant staffers said at first, they weren’t sure if it was him or not. 

"I didn’t recognize him at first, nor his wife. And for a little bit while the flow was going and we were having a steady flow in the restaurant, Martin, my manager, noticed him and said, ‘hey, isn’t that Bernie Sanders?’" said Kalura Trattoria hostess Estefania Moreria.

There was one thing that gave Senator Sanders away.

"I recognized him but I didn’t say anything because I wanted to make sure it was him. And then when he spoke to me, I asked him if he wanted cheese on his pasta, when he talked, I said, ‘yeah, that’s him.’  When I heard his voice I said, ‘yeah, that’s him, that’s him," said Gutierrez.

Sanders told the manager that he had three days off and wanted to spend those days with his wife in Palm Springs.

"He said he loves Palm Springs because when he was campaigning he came here," said Gutierrez.

The senator from Vermont was spotted at Village Fest in Palm Springs last summer during a break from the campaign trail. Before Sanders left Kalura Trattoria Tuesday night, one of the other patrons in the restaurant said something to the senator.

"One of the guys made a joke about Trump, and he just started laughing and that’s when he walked out of the restaurant," Gutierrez said.