Flood or Drought? Coachella Valley Water District Prepares

Flood or Drought? Coachella Valley Water District Prepares


Palm Desert, CA

Despite above average rains and recent floods around the desert, Coachella Valley Water District officials say we are still under a drought alert. 

"It’s dry here, definitely the driest area in the United States and one of the driest regions in the world, so we tend to tell people that we are always in a drought," says Kevin Hemp, education specialist for Coachella Valley Water District.  

Recent rains helped our natural aquifer beneath the valley stay at normal levels. However, issues arise when above average rain hits the desert.  

Hemp says, the infrastructure in the desert is up-to-code, but above average rain makes it difficult to contain. He says, "The amount of water we get in such a short amount of time is so hard to control that right now the best way to deal with it is hands off and let it take its natural course and keep it in a safe channel from keep it from destroying things." 

As the Coachella Valley Water District prepares for any future weather conditions, they’ve gathered local homeowners and commercial mangers to help them prepare for the next flood. 

Rosana Cardenas manages a private community in Indio, she says, "I’m planning on getting information from CVWD on tips, tips from the contractors, tips from the attorneys that we have here, making sure that everyone does what they need to do in order to protect their home, besides what the H.O.A. has to do to protect their common property."