Woman Cited For Attempting To Sell Underage Puppies To Undercover Officers

Woman Cited For Attempting To Sell Underage Puppies To Undercover Officers


Riverside County, CA

Riverside County Department of Animal Services has successfully operated a "puppy buy" sting this afternoon (2/24) at about 1:30 in Riverside’s Eastside neighborhood.

Kandace Marie Simpson, 21, of Riverside, was cited for attempting to sell underaged puppies (less than 8 weeks of age) to one our undercover officers.

Lt. James Huffman, wearing plain clothes, and a colleague posing as his wife, successfully bought two puppies, approximately 4-weeks-old of age, from a woman living in a home on Pleasant Street in Riverside.

She was issued a citation with a misdemeanor infraction for each alleged offense.

It is unlawful to sell puppies less than at least 8 weeks of age.

However, the practice is commonly performed by those using free advertising sites (such as Craigslist) or social media platforms, said Chris Mayer, commander of Riverside County Animal Services.

"But fortunately we have many animal advocates who tip us off to these illegal animal sales," Mayer said. "We hope today’s action helps curb some of these illegal sales. We also hope to educate would-be buyers that they’re engaging in an unlawful act, and they’re buying a dog that could have many health issues."

Officers impounded six underaged puppies (all are about 4 weeks old) and also the mother of the pups, a 5-year-old collie mix.

Riverside County Veterinary Services team members will give each of the pups full health examinations.

The pups will be kept with their mother in a maternity area at the Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter in Jurupa Valley.

More information and more photos and video to follow.