Lucie Arnaz Shares Family History with Oswit Canyon

Lucie Arnaz Shares Family History with Oswit Canyon


A clash over a canyon.

In a final push before the Palm Springs city Council decides the fate of Oswit Canyon, Lucie Arnaz spoke exclusively to KMIR News.

"I Love Lucy," an American television classic about the marriage of Lucy and Ricky, a true Hollywood love story as actors Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz said "I do" off the silver screen.

The iconic duo raised their family in the Coachella Valley from 1946-1966. Now, their daughter, Lucie speaks out for the protection of Oswit Canyon.

"We have a lot of fantastic memories of Palm Springs captured on 16mm film," said Lucie Arnaz. "Some of it, I believe was actually taken in Oswit Canyon so that’s pretty incredible."

Oswit Canyon is a popular hiking area in Palm Springs. A group called Save Oswit Canyon has been working to classify the land as "environmentally sensitive." 

"Oswit Canyon is our last unprotected alluvial fan in Palm Springs, said Jane Garrison, coordinator of Save Oswit Canyon. "It takes ten thousand years to form an alluvial fan. It is home to over 32 migratory and protected bird species; it is home to endangered big horn sheep."

Developers have looked to utilize the beauty of the area and build sprawling new housing developments at Oswit Canyon. Most recently, six thousand signatures have been collected from Palm Springs voters to re-zone the area and prevent any future development. On friday, developers asked a judge to invalidate the petition. The court denied the request and will leave the decision up to Palm Springs City Council on Wednesday.

Lucie Arnaz says it boils down to one thing.

"Yes, its all about memories and the things that you come here to do," said Arnaz. "People come here from out of town and they want to bring back memories of what they did in Palm Springs. It isn’t about visiting all the big giant buildings; it is about hiking and biking and the weather and the majesty of those mountains."