EXCLUSIVE: Progress on Kimpton Hotel

EXCLUSIVE: Progress on Kimpton Hotel


Palm Springs, CA

The Rowan Hotel by Kimpton in Downtown Palm Springs is on schedule. The construction site is busy and noisy. Wessman Development manager Octavio Fernandez says there are workers there round the clock, rain or shine. Fernandez has been with Wessman for over 25 years. 

When you step into what will be the lobby you can’t miss the large metal beam that looks suspended in midair.

"We call it the grand staircase that connects the lobby with the second level meeting space," says Fernandez, and by the looks of the beam alone it will be grand. 

It takes a little imagination to envision the completed, six story, 150 plus room hotel. But the bones are there for the creative touches. 

"Design features are going to have different colors of stain glass insert to provide some privacy for the cafe," says Fernandez.

The 4800 square foot banquet rooms are large with extensive views of downtown and the mountains and Fernandez says it has options, "This room is divisible with dividers so we can have one or two different types of functions going on simultaneously."

The rooms are about 70 percent done. The drapes and tile floors are in, bathrooms have large showers and will be accented with marble.

Fernandez says only the best materials are being used, "Expense is not one thing that Mr. Wessman has spared here." 

But it’s the rooftop that promises to be everything a Palm Springs paradise should be, starting with the dining area with its endless views and the rooftop pool is amazing even in its unfinished state. 

"All here, they’re private cabanas and you’ve got more cabanas over there, they’ve got ceiling fans, they’ve got heaters for the winter time, partitions for privacy all rigged for sound, " says Fernandez adding the pool will have its own bar. 

Michael Braun, who is now overseeing all projects for Wessman Development since John Wessman retired last month says he’s been working on the project since the beginning and is planning to see it all the way through. He says the Kimpton project will be completed at the end of August. 

Brandyn Hull, the director of communications for Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants gave us this statement:

"Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants is committed to the Rowan hotel, our employees and the people of Palm Springs. We look forward to becoming a part of this great community."