New Surveillance Video Of Hobby Shop Theft Emerges

New Surveillance Video Of Hobby Shop Theft Emerges


Palm Desert, CA

New surveillance video has emerged of a thief getting away with two drones from a hobby shop.

"We had eyes on him. He looked suspicious. He acted suspiciously. Then he waited until the store got extraordinarily busy," said Kevin Koch, owner of Uncle Don’s Hobby Shop. 

That’s when the thief made his move. After stumbling out of the store with the two drones in his hands, some of the customers and store employees ran after him.

"I heard it. I immediately went over to the door, saw him and I actually ran after him. Saw him get in the truck, tried to get a good description but he had something covering the license plate," said Jon Vandermolen.

While cars have vin numbers and bicycles have serial numbers, some drones are a little bit harder to identify.

"Some of the lower end drones, let’s say seven hundred dollars or less are not serialized so it makes keeping track of them pretty difficult," said Koch.

After being hit five time in the last five months the hobby shop owner is left with a predicament. He can keep his more expensive items safe in the back of the store and lose a possible sale or display the items he wants to sell and run the risk of having them stolen.

"It is a hard balance between having it out there on the counter, available for the costumer or hidden in the back. And demos, and things to touch, feel and look at, sell. Things that are in the back do not," Koch said.

No arrests have been made yet. The thief and his two accomplices got away in a lifted 2010 gray colored Chevrolet 2500 pickup truck with no tail gate and black rims. The thieves put a t-shirt over the license plate to keep it from being photographed.