Rules of the Road: Proposed Law Allows Bikers To Blow Through Stop Signs

Rules of the Road: Proposed Law Allows Bikers To Blow Through Stop Signs


A person riding a bicycle is subject to the same laws as drivers, but a law introduced to the California legislature could give bikers a pass.

 A new law proposed by two California assemblyman would make it legal for bicyclists to roll through a stop sign without stopping.

"Certainly would be nice for the cyclists not to wreck their pace," said Stephanie Kane, visiting from Colorado.

"The passing of it is probably alright as long as the riders look both ways before they continue," said Tom Ross, visiting from Puerto Rico.

The lawmakers say the idea is safety, but some bicyclists disagree.

"In this town especially we have a lot of snowbirds and people who roll through stop signs anyway it seems like a danger waiting to happen," said Palm Springs resident, Greg Arrowood.

"Stop sign, stop light, stop. STOP."
Leonard Foster Jr., owner of The Little Bike Shop, says though we are bike friendly it’d make for dangerous roads.
"Don’t break what’s not broken, stop, yield."

Co-owner of Bike Palm Springs, Tony Torres, says "The road is meant to be shared and it’s important for bicyclists to share the same rules as the motorists. Given that, I think that it’s unnecessary to have this law."

A Palm Springs Police spokesman tells us this proposed law would be dangerous for drivers and bikers, but some drivers say bicyclists are paying more attention.

"Wheras us drivers it’s really hard to see necessarily, so everything that’s going on, so I think it’s probably a good idea to give the bicyclists a pass," said Crystal McCann, visiting from Wisconsin.

Now so far this bill, AB 1103, has only been introduced.
It may be heard in committee March 21st.