‘March 4 Trump’ Demonstration In Palm Springs

‘March 4 Trump’ Demonstration In Palm Springs


On March 4th, a march for President Trump in Palm Springs. It was all part of a movement across the nation, supporters standing together for the POTUS.

"I knew there was a lot of supporters our our here and I wanted to build a stronger support base," said Michael Santa Cruz the local rally organizer.

Many supporters echoed that they felt it was important to rally in a predominately democratic state.

"(It is) very important for Palm Springs, the Coachella Valley and all the surrounding areas to know that there are Trump supporters here," said Elise Richmond. "We live here, we are here, and even though we’re sometimes a bit quiet, we’re here."

Palm Springs Police patrolled the streets while marchers made their way through downtown but not everyone appreciated the demonstration.

"For me, I feel like people who support Trump are more closed-minded," said Tawney Buttler. "I’m sorry to say that but they are. I’m shaking because it is infuriating.

"As a minority, republican, military, educated-which they say doesn’t exist- I’m here to support our democracy- our congress, our senate, our president." said Amado Cano Salinas who attended President Trumps Inauguration. 

While arrests have been made in St Paul. and scattered fist fights broke out in Berkeley, no arrests have been reported in Palm Springs.