Daring Dirt Bike Stunt Over 60 Freeway Goes Viral, Prompts CHP Investigation

Daring Dirt Bike Stunt Over 60 Freeway Goes Viral, Prompts CHP Investigation


Beaumont, CA

An audacious dirt bike stunt over the 60 Freeway in Badlands went viral on Instagram, but officials with the California Highway Patrol aren’t laughing.

The video was posted by a San Clemente man by the name of Kyle Katsandris, but authorities aren’t sure if he was actually the one on the dirt bike. The video has already received more than 122,000 views.

The stunt was successful but CHP officials say it could have been a different story.

"That’s a visual distraction for a motorist. If they were to be distracted to see this motorcyclist flying through the air, all it would take would be for someone to step on their brakes or make a quick turning movement and there could be a huge collision," said CHP Public Information Officer Darren Meyer.

Officials say whoever made the jump cleared between 60 and 114 feet of freeway, crossing all four lanes and the center divider.

"The other thing is if the motorcyclist didn’t make the jump and landed short or landed on a car, some one could have been injured or killed," said Meyer.

If caught, the rider could face trespassing and reckless endangerment charges.

"At this point we don’t know who operated the motorcycle. We do know who posted it to their [Instagram] page but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the rider. So there is more investigation to be done," said Meyer. "We have an investigative services unit that is based in San Diego that deals with specialty crimes like this and they are going to try to find out who posted it, who did it and who were the accomplices."

The California Highway Patrol and Caltrans are currently working to make sure there will not be anymore stunts performed at the location. 

"After going out there and physically seeing it myself today, it’s extremely dangerous, even just getting into this location and how he did the jump, let alone the fact that it was incredibly irresponsible. And it was a major safety hazard for the traveling public," said Caltrans public information officer Terri Kasinga.

After seeing the video Caltrans went out to the scene and destroyed the launch ramp. They also blocked the entrance to the area with tree trunks and large rocks. Officials say their main concern is making sure it doesn’t happen again, either by the original rider or copycat riders looking to one-up stunt.