SunLine Bus Vandalism Spikes, Agency Urges The Public To Report Vandal

SunLine Bus Vandalism Spikes, Agency Urges The Public To Report Vandal


Thousand Palms, CA

SunLine Transit Agency is the daily transportation for many valley residents. Over the past two months, the agency has seen a spike in the number of vandalism incidents on their buses which has them concerned.

SunLine urges it’s riders to say something if the see someone vandalizing their bus. They are asking the public to contact the local police department or SunLine officials.

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A SunLine representative we spoke with said that the agency is "Cracking down on individuals that are tagging our buses or property. Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars are being spent on repairs due to damage caused by tagging which could be spent on improving service to the community. SunLine has sophisticated high-definition surveillance equipment and we are aggressively monitoring our system. Any perpetrator of vandalism may face prosecution."

According to SunLine, they are aggressively monitoring and working with law enforcement to catch the perpetrators committing these crimes against their property and buses. They will be posting signs on their vehicles warning the public about these incidents.

As of Wednesday afternoon the agency will not be releasing surveillance video because it could possibly hinder active investigations.