Bikers Gang Up Against Child Abuse

Bikers Gang Up Against Child Abuse


Coachella, CA

A group of bikers rolled up to Bobby Duke Middle School in Coachella.

When 13-year-old Angelina Ortega first heard bikers were coming to her school, she wasn’t sure it was a good idea, "When they said when bikers were going to come to the school I got kind of scared, I was like, ‘Bikers, this is crazy!’"

But these bikers aren’t part of a gang. They’re part of B.A.C.A., or bikers against child abuse, an international organization of bikers 4,000 strong who empower children who’ve been abused. They all go by their road names.

Shaggy, the Vice President of the Inland Empire B.A.C.A. Chapter  says the effects of child abuse run deep, "When children get abused they’re afraid of everybody, they might have bad dreams, we had a child that wouldn’t take a shower." 

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Once paired with an abused child, bikers who’ve been screened and trained will do anything to help a child feel safe, like stand watch outside their home.

B.A.C.A. member Red Wolf says they see severe cases, "We have past children that haven’t slept for days to where once we have shown up in front of their house that has eased them to where they can lay down and close their eyes." 

Shaggy says they also escort children to court and are nearby in the courtroom, "When they go to court you can imagine it’s pretty traumatic and we’ll sit in the courtroom with them and they’ll look at us."

After students heard their message they felt at ease with these tough on abuse crusaders.

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"It’s really touching for them to do that and take out of their own time when they could be doing something else to protect these kids who actually need it," says Ortega.

"Thank you for coming and showing us this motivational / inspiring video because some kids might have gotten abused and they could come out of their shell and tell them what happened," says 13-year-old Everando Rosas.

And the biker who only goes by Shaggy says that’s exactly what happened, "After the first assembly somebody came up to Red Wolf." 

And their mission continues.

"If they need us we’ll roll up and be there," says Shaggy.