Tis the Sneezing Season

Tis the Sneezing Season


Palm Desert, CA

When was the last time the valley was this green? 

The green around the us is unusual and welcomed by many. However, the pollen that plants gives off, is not. 

Sandee Miner, is a Palm Desert resident and her out-of-town friends are not used to the pollen in the valley. "We had house guest last week and they were breathing hard and they had a lot of problems with their allergies," says Miner. 

When pollen the nose, our body’s defense system wants to fight it off, which causes symptoms like a runny nose and itchy throat. Unfortunately, more plants means more pollen, and more itching. 

Allergist, Sam Weiss, with Eisenhower Medical Center, says, "there’s a weed outside called scale bush which is a very common problem along with tumbleweed, probably the more diverse group of pollen are the tree pollen, there are so many trees that are planted." 

And the thing about allergens is that they are just like us, they like to be outside when it’s nice and they like to hide when it’s not. 

"I moved here almost thirty years ago and didn’t have any allergies," says Alana Hall, a Palm Desert resident. Hall added, "but my girls have allergies and now I’m beginning to show signs of allergies, which is surprising." 

Allergies affect people differently but with proper care, there is no reason to avoid the spring weather. 

"We love this part of the country and with proper treatment you could still be outdoors golfing, walking, riding bikes, I ride a bike, you could still have a good quality of life."

Treatment for allergies varies on the patient. Dr. Weiss recommends anyone with severe symptoms to consult with their doctor. He says water and plenty physical activity is the best medicine.