Community Makes Dream Come True For Indio Family

Community Makes Dream Come True For Indio Family


Indio, CA

A local six month old baby, Boston, needed specialized hearing aids and even though his family has insurance, they still needed thousands of dollars in order to help their baby hear. On St. Patrick’s Day, baby Boston received his hearing aids and from that moment on, his life was changed.

Story: Indio Family Struggles to Fund Hearing Aids For Baby

Not by luck, the Roco Family attributes the generosity of KMIR viewers and the community for pooling together to change six month old Boston’s life. Kayla, the mom of baby Boston said, "We received so much support from the community, it touched our hearts. We didn’t think we would raise the full amount and within a week we did. It was extraordinary the support we received, I am able to sing him to sleep now."

Baby Boston will continue regular hearing screenings. His family tells us that he was the youngest child to receive these hearing aids at Loma Linda and say they already notice their son becoming more alert and responding to sounds.