Neighborly Love Restores Home and Hope For Desert Hot Springs Man

Neighborly Love Restores Home and Hope For Desert Hot Springs Man


Desert Hot Springs, CA

A man in Desert Hot Springs experienced severe water damage in his home making it unlivable. But his neighbors are coming to the rescue.
In fact it’s called the "Good Neighbor Program". Several Coachella Valley contractors are joining those big-hearted neighbors to help fix the problems. 

Neighbors describe Lee Humboldt as a friendly guy who lives alone and they wanted to help him. 

Derrick Jarvis is one of the program founders, "this whole project kind of started a long time ago just as some neighbors get together and help each other out." 

This is not the first time neighbors help Humboldt with his home. They repainted the outside earlier this year after heavy rains. 

But he’s still shocked that neighbors and contractors are coming together to help him, he says, "Oh i can’t, i can’t believe it." 

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This time the repairs are more serious, they are dealing with potentially dangerous mold and structure problems. 

Jose Galvan, contractor with Flood Response says, "first we will plastic all this room off safely, we will put a zipper on it and then that’s when we could do our cuts to know basically that we are not going to contaminate the rest of the property." 

After the flood responders sanitized and cleared the room, they found the mold was worst than they thought. 

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Walls, floor and ceiling had to go.

But Humboldt won’t have to spend a dime. 

Ron Brandi, with Flood Response says, "everything is being donated, so everything by flood response, we’re going to do it to the absolute top quality that it needs to be done."