Another Earthquake Hits Near the Salton Sea

Another Earthquake Hits Near the Salton Sea


Another shake up in Salton City.

"(It was) kinda like a helicopter under the ground," said Adam Giarrusso, a Salton City resident. "Then my bed just started bouncing up and down."

But some say earthquakes are just customary in California.

"Well I was asleep, I just found out about this earthquake; I really didn’t feel anything," said Jorge Paredes from Desert Shores.

A 3.5 magnitude earthquake struck in Ocotillo on Sunday, 30 miles south of Salton City, just before 1:30 am. In Loma Linda, a 2.8 magnitude earthquake about 8 hours later.

A couple weeks ago, Sea View Elementary School was evacuated after a 3.6 magnitude quake in Salton City. On that day, a similar pattern, a quake again rattled Loma Linda.

Over the past month near the Salton Sean, a 3.6 magnitude quake on March 14th, then three days later a cluster of five earthquakes followed by Sunday’s earthquake.

Today, it was business as usual at West Shores Market the earthquake did not even appear to rattle the store’s surveillance video.

However, the string of earthquakes is a good reminder to be prepared.