My Thai Athlete of the Week: Alexa Hernandez

My Thai Athlete of the Week: Alexa Hernandez


Alexa Hernandez, freshman of Shadow Hills High School, helped guide the varsity softball program to their very first Desert Valley League (DVL) win in school history. She takes our My Thai Athlete of the Week.

"It’s definitely a big deal because I got on base all five times and I surprised myself too,” Hernandez said, “I was very proud of myself for what I’ve done and it just feels great, it’s a good feeling for me." 

Shadow Hill’s High School softball head coach Dilia Kepley couldn’t have been prouder of Hernandez.

"She got 5 singles,” Coach Kepley said, ”(She was) solid and that’s what you need from your leadoff batter. She needs to get on base so we can move her around. It was quick around the bases, was quick to score, and you know it was solid whole hits that’s what it was"  

 Tuesday’s DVL home opener was Hernandez’s first time at the top of the lineup.

"We moved her up in the lineup and we were kind of hesitant,” Coach Kepley explained, “She was down at the bottom earlier in the season and we said let’s give her a shot. She surely showed us and proved us right. I think that’s where she earned her spot now." 

"It meant the world,” Hernandez said, “It was a great feeling. She’s been switching me and everybody in the lineup lately. When I saw my name first, I was like wow this is my chance." 

 What’s even more special about Hernandez is how she overcame adversity and earned a spot on the team.

"She was one of our late comers,” Coach Kepley explained, “She wasn’t able to make the first round of tryouts due to an accident. When she did come for the second round of tryouts we were just like she is varsity of material. She definitely proved she’s where she’s supposed to be."

"It was a goal of mine to make it on the varsity team,” Hernandez said, “I’ve been playing for so long. My dad always wanted me to play softball when I was four or three years old. He just wanted me to play for some reason. But then I finally just said what the heck and started playing. It became a big part of my life and I love it so much." 

What Hernandez is best known for is letting her game do the talking.  

"She’s a very quiet to herself kind of student,” Coach Kepley explained, “But when she comes out here she really surprises us all. There are times when she just comes out vocally with her bats or just with her defense. We are surprised when she does say words because we don’t normally hear her say anything. But she shows it out here on the field that’s for sure."  

"I just let my bat do the talking,” Hernandez said, “I just love playing the game."