Desert Sports Center to Host Lite the Nite Fundraiser

Desert Sports Center to Host Lite the Nite Fundraiser


The Desert Sports Center is home to the largest volleyball club in the Coachella Valley for ages seven through eighteen. On April 1st, the center will host its first annual "Lite the Nite" volleyball tournament from 6pm-9pm to help raise scholarships to the club.

"It’s going to be a lot of fun,” DSCV 15-National Girls Volleyball Head Coach Melissa Walker said excitingly, “It’s going to be glow in the dark. I haven’t seen anything like it out here (Coachella Valley) ever so I think that will be fun. The lights are going to be out, it’s going to be a black out pretty much. We’re going to have glow in the dark volleyballs they will play with as well. We are opening it up to everyone. Even if you’re not involved in the play, we’d like (everyone) to come out because we have raffles that we can also be funding money through. We will also be having pizza and drinks."  

Leave it to a team of fifteen-year-old girls to come up with the bright idea.  

"Light the Nite” is with my fifteen-year-old girls national team this year,” Coach Walker said, “They decided they were going to host and fundraise for the sports center to hopefully get enough funds to sponsor kids in the future. The costs are going to be for the athletes that can’t afford the year-round annual fees”.

"We wanted to do something fun for fundraising,” DSVC 15-National Girls Volleyball setter Halle Carter explained, “Most people don’t first think of volleyball as a main sport and it’s a fun idea because everyone loves glow in the dark. I’m excited to see everyone come out.”

The fundraiser is open to boys and girls sixth grade and up. There’s going to be pizza, music, raffles, a photo booth, and medals for the winning team.