Two Arkansas Kids Raise $1,000 for Fallen Officers Children

Two Arkansas Kids Raise $1,000 for Fallen Officers Children


Palm Springs, CA

Two Arkansas children and their mother, came all the way from Arkansas to donate $1,000 to the daughters of fallen officers, Gil Vega and Lesley Zerebny. Raymond and Rylee started a GoFundMe page where they raised the $1,000. Officer Vega’s wife was able to meet them at the Palm Springs Police Department to receive the money and meet these two amazing kids. 

Here is an excerpt from their GoFundMe page and why they decided to donate the money to these kids:

" However, one particular incident stuck out to me, likely because two officers were killed during an ambush, one a young mother who had returned to work early from maternity leave to help her department and the other, a father of eight, who could have retired but stayed on to help his department train new officers and was finally set to retire two months after he was killed. 

Officer Lesley Zerebny, a 27 year old with 18 months on the job, left behind a husband and a 4 month old daughter, Cora; and Officer Jose Gil Vega, a 63 year old with 35 years on to the job, left behind a wife, seven adult children and an 8 year old daughter, Vanessa. Vanessa was the one that caught Raymond’s attention when we came across a video of her being escorted to school by her father’s brothers in blue, following his death, and a video of her speaking at his memorial service. We all agreed these children, Vanessa and Cora, were the ones we wanted to gift our donations to."