Whitewater Rest Area is Reopened

Whitewater Rest Area is Reopened


Whitewater, CA

We did a You Ask. We Investigate on the Whitewater rest area as it is always closed, but not now. The famously closed rest stop has been reopened according to Caltrans officials. Truckers rely on and are mandated to stop for extended periods of time in order to keep them and others safe on the road. 

Story: You Ask. We Investigate. Whitewater Rest Area Closed Again

With Whitewater being closed and the valley being one of the most passed through areas on Interstate 10, it was work that needed to be done immediately. We received the following statement from Caltrans at the time of our previous story: 
"We have a contractor in place on the emergency contract and they have been working (when weather permits) at the rest area to replace the pump.  A new pump is on order. There is also electrical and earthwork included in the contract scope and cost, which is in the amount of $40,000.00. The new pump will cost approximately $15-$20,000 and is also included in the contract."