Harlem Ambassadors To Make Stop At Shadow Hills High School

Harlem Ambassadors To Make Stop At Shadow Hills High School


It’s been seven years since the Harlem Ambassadors made a stop in the desert but the wait is over for their return.

On April 7, 2017 the high flying, slam dunking team will be making a stop on their 19th annual international tour at Shadow Hills High School to help the volleyball team raise funds for the program. Sure you may be thinking…they’re a volleyball team, why a basketball event? The program explained.

"We all got really excited because we’re all volleyball players it’s a basketball (event)," Shadow Hills High School volleyball defensive specialist Erica Farrera explained, "It’s cool to have that open mind and include all sports. I feel like it’s all inclusive, (all) sports teams, not just volleyball is going to be here. Come basketball, come track, everyone come ."

And there’s a lot more to the fundraiser than just raising money for the program. 

"It’s definitely funding and so on but definitely leadership," Shadow Hills High School volleyball team parent liaison Diana Soto said, "These girls have taken on ownership of this game and they’ve taken on accountability for their tasks. They have taken this job very, very seriously and they treat it like a job. What they’re going to wear, how they’re going to communicate or what their stations are. They have everything passed out. This is a job and their payday is going to be the funding that comes from this. So that will be a huge, huge lesson for them."

The volleyball program selected a team of teachers and community leaders around our valley to take on the Harlem Ambassadors.

"I heard they jumped over people so that will be really funny to see," Farrera laughed, "Sorry for the teachers, I don’t want them to get hurt or anything but I feel like that will be hilarious to see that happen."

All are invited to this "slam dunk" of an event.

"It’s a very affordable event," Soto explained, "Tickets are six to eight dollars depending on where you sit, general admission or center court. It’s an hour and a half. You’ll have the opportunity to meet them (Harlem Ambassadors) afterward. You can have anything autographed. It’s going to be a great show. It’s going to be a family rated show. It’s going to be community leaders together. It’s really going to show everyone (how to) get under one roof and have a great time Friday evening."