Coachella Fest Will Be Bigger than Ever

Coachella Fest Will Be Bigger than Ever


Indio, CA

We’re officially a week away from one of the biggest music festivals in the world held right here in the valley.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is held in Indio, and this year will be bigger than ever.

"The day of, this street on Monroe is just totally packed you can’t even get out from this neighborhood," said Indio resident, Austin Daut.

Daut lives about a quarter mile from the massive event. He hopes to see some traffic changes this year.

"Last year the people in charge of doing the traffic were doing terrible," said Daut.

City of Indio officials say they are working with residents. Last year, the city council approved larger amounts of people. In 2016, the cap was 99,000; this year about 26,000 more people will be on the grounds.

"There’s 125,000 people that are coming into town for the event, but we want the residents to be safe as well but we also want them to be patient with traffic, and the people coming in and the music, the noise, the increased everything that happens during the event," said the city of Indio Community Services Manager, Jim Curtis.

Indio Police say they’ve been getting ready since Desert Trip in October.

"With the increase in venue capacity we’ve also had to ensure that we’ve gotten rid of a lot of the traditional choke points that are at Coachella. Well this year the venue is wide open, I don’t think that people will even feel the increase in capacity," said Indio Police Sgt. Dan Marshall.

The roads are still open, but the Empire Polo Grounds are a flurry of preparation.

"There’s just a ton of things to do to make an event this size work so well and happen, and make it enjoyable for the guests. Experience is another one of the big things, they’re trying to make it a big experience for the guest that come this year," said Curtis.

It sounds like everything this year, will be bigger.

"It brings a lot more money into the valley, but unless they can manage everything better, then it’s not going to be really good for all the residents," said Daut.

With three weeks of music, prepare for delays if you live or travel in that area of Indio.