Elementary School Shooting in San Bernardino, Multiple Gunshot Victims

Elementary School Shooting in San Bernardino, Multiple Gunshot Victims


San Bernardino, CA

San Bernardino County Fire Department is at the scene of multiple gunshot victims at Northpark Elementary School in San Bernardino.

Two are wounded and believed to be students. They have been transported to the hospital and remain in critical condition.

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Authorities are going through a triage process and a victim count is taking place.

The shooting is believed to be a murder suicide in a classroom.

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A teacher was also shot. Reports say the shooter knew the teacher.

Two adults are deceased in a classroom, one male and one female. San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan tweeted they believe the suspect is down and there’s no further threat.

The Shelter in Place has been lifted and campus is open. All North Park students were removed from campus and rerouted to CSUSB PE building. Parents are being routed to Cajon High School for identification verification and will then be escorted to CSUSB. 

Northpark Elementary School will be closed Tuesday, April 11th and Wednesday April 12th.

Families impacted by today’s shooting at North Park Elementary who need victim assistance, please call 909-382-3846.

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