Coachella Valley Schools Review Safety Guidelines After San Bernardino Shooting

Coachella Valley Schools Review Safety Guidelines After San Bernardino Shooting


Coachella, CA

Across the Coachella Valley, parents of students are feeling the nerves of the shooting in San Bernardino. But some school officials say there’s no need to worry.

"We just never know, we just never know what’s lurking around us," said Kathy Paize, a parent of a student at Westside Elementary in Coachella.

Paize is a pastor and began to pray as she saw North Park Elementary School being evacuated. Her son, Samuel, was by her side.

"He doesn’t know anything about what happened yesterday," said Gonzalo Pinedo, Samuel’s grandfather.

Paize walked her son into school and says she feels confident in safety behind the walls of Westside Elementary.

"I cannot even go past the office doors, I can walk in and sign him in," she said.

Other schools like Coachella Valley High School have several safety procedures to keep students safe. Principal Victor Oribe with the school says the schools entrance has a layer of security checking identification and asking for reasons why visitors are on campus. When those visitors get to the front office, they’re checked-in and a call is made to the room where the visitor plans to visit, to make sure they’re wanted.

"Are we following our protocols because sometimes we forget or we get too comfortable," said Oribe. "We have to make sure every student is safe here. It’s the number one priority, without that, kids can’t learn."

The question of safety will now be an ongoing in many schools after this fatal shooting but parents say safe schools start with an in touch community.

"Everybody’s so involved and we know each other and that’s when something happens is because nobody pays attention to the kids or the parents," said Jose Ortega.

Coachella Valley Schools will go on Spring Break starting Friday.