Weed Bus Parked At Valley School Upsets Community, School Issues Statement

Weed Bus Parked At Valley School Upsets Community, School Issues Statement


Bermuda Dunes, CA

One logo is sounding off alarms for some community members at James Monroe Elementary School.

"I stopped by and asked what it is about, it is for Weed Map," said Vonda McFadden, a Bermuda Dunes resident.

Weed Maps, a legal online community of medical dispensaries, deliveries and doctors, has set up a shuttle location in the school parking lot.

"For the convenience of what they’re trying to accomplish, I understand what they’re trying to do by eliminating traffic," said McFadden.

This is troubling to one James Monroe parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, writing to KMIR News, in part: "I had always believed that the school district actively supported the idea of a drug free environment and lifestyle."

We contacted the Desert Sands Unified School District who issued the following statement: "The parking lot of James Monroe Elementary School in Bermuda Dunes was used this past weekend as a shuttle service stop. Desert Sands Unified School District had entered into an agreement with a production company for use of the parking lot for shuttle and staff parking. The use of school parking lots or fields takes place periodically as part of our efforts to serve the community. In this case, the district was not aware of the ultimate destination of shuttle passengers. While we wish to continue to offer our facilities to community members when appropriate, we will renew our efforts to have those with whom we enter agreements better specify the full background of the facility use. We thank the members of the community who brought this weekend’s parking lot use to our attention."

The shuttle transports invited guests only just over one mile away to a gated community on Avenue 41. While its difficult to see inside, Weed Map’s public Instagram account gives us a peek behind the green curtain.

The school parking lot is used each year to transport guest to private parties during the festival.

"No crazy driving; everyone has been pretty low key about it. There’s been a little bit of trash but someone seems to be picking it up in the mornings. What the parties are representing, and what is at the school and all of that, I think you have come to your own conclusion," said McFadden.