My Thai Athlete of the Week: Jonnathan Avila-Burgueno

My Thai Athlete of the Week: Jonnathan Avila-Burgueno


Jonnathan Avila-Burgueno is known for football as the Rancho Mirage senior is headed to the University of Redlands next fall. Thanks to his football coach, Avila-Burgueno found out he had another talent. In the past two weeks, he broke two school records in track and field. He takes our My Thai Athlete of the Week.

"My football coach emphasized the importance of doing more than just football,” Avila-Burgueno explained. “He wants us to stay active, not be burnt throughout the football season. He really wanted us to do track so I gave it a shot.”

He literally gave a shot and excelled.

"I broke the shot put record.” Avila-Burgueno said. “I threw a thirty-six-two. It’s decent but I still need to improve on it."

He also broke the school’s record in the discus throw two weeks ago.

"Honestly, I didn’t think it was that good of a throw,” Avila-Burgueno explained. “I stepped back and realized I threw it farther than I imagined. I had a decent first step then I just did the rest of my motion, threw it out there, got a one-thirty-nine. But I still need to improve on it."

"They were the records that he also had before,” Assistant track and field coach Mario Castillo explained, “Previously he was our record holder, he kind of sees himself as his own challenge which is incredibly tremendous to have at our school. Everyone after him understands that if they want to be the best then they have to beat Jonny. He’s that walking icon and walking legend on campus."

The senior plans to start a new legacy on and off the field at the University of Redlands where he will be playing football.

"I’m going to be studying business. I’m not sure exactly what kind yet but I’m definitely going to the business school and hope to get my masters after my fourth year."

Track and field is also something he hopes to continue competing in.

"I actually really want to,” Avila-Burgueno said. “I’m trying to talk to the track coach. Maybe I can set something up with him.”